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Your new music discovery channel

Push this button. Music comes out.

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You want to listen YOUR way?  We are available on Apple Music, TuneIn, Zeno, MyTuner, Strema, vTuner.

Just about everywhere.  Search for us on your device, or in your favourite app.  

Apple Homepod (just ask Siri), Yamaha compatible.

Repeat after me.

Siri, play the radio station, Radio Robotic.

Alexa, play Radio Robotic.

Mum, can I listen to radio robotic? (Parental guidance recommended. Some singers get a bit sweary these days)

Find more links here

Want direct access to our stream for use in your favourite streaming device?

Cut and paste one of the urls below into iTunes, VLC or into a browser for direct access to our stream.

Or hit the DOWNLOAD LINK button and open the download with iTunes, or your favourite media player.

*Some third party platforms (Zeno, TuneIn etc) may play advertisements before our stream starts. We have no control over these advertisement placements and do not endorse any products advertised, nor do we receive any income from advertisements before our stream comenses. 

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