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The The

Cognitive Dissident



Released 6 September 2024

Ensoulment is THE THE’s first studio album of new songs in a quarter century. This 12-song album will be released on Cinéola / earMUSIC on Friday 6 September 2024.

Encompassing characteristic topics ranging from love & sex, war & politics, life & death – to the meaning of what it is to be human in the 21st century – Ensoulment was written, demoed and mixed at Studio Cinéola in London, the base of THE THE’s main creative force, Matt Johnson.

The songs were further refined in rehearsals ahead of a six-day session at Real World Studios near Bath, where Matt was joined by long-standing THE THE members James Eller (bass), DC Collard (keyboards), Earl Harvin (drums), and Barrie Cadogan (lead guitar). The album also marks the return of co-producer and engineer Warne Livesey, who previously worked on landmark THE THE albums Infected (1986) and Mind Bomb (1989). Additional performances include Gillian Glover (backing vocals), Terry Edwards (horns), Sonya Cullingford (fiddle) and Danny Cummings (percussion).

Over the years, THE THE’s releases have developed a distinct aesthetic style, which in no small part owes to the artwork of Matt Johnson’s late brother Andrew (AKA artist Andy Dog). Ensoulment proudly features some of Andrew’s previously unpublished works on the cover, in the exquisitely designed 32-page booklet for the vinyl and CD formats, as well as on the covers of all singles. ‘Cognitive Dissident’ is the first single from the album, written by Matt Johnson and Barrie Cadogan, produced by Matt Johnson and Warne Livesey, released digitally on 17th May. The limited edition physical 7″ vinyl will become available from 7 June. Soon to be revealed is a stunning music video by long-time THE THE collaborators – director Tim Pope, People Like US (Vicki Bennett), and Peter Knight!

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