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Dog Race

Dog Race

It's The Squeeze


Released 30 January 2024

London five-piece Dog Race unleash their latest single 'It's The Squeeze', a cold-sweat invocation of modern anxieties and personal suffocation. Released via Fascination Street Records, this collision of gothic, splintered guitars, surgically-interlaced electronics and unsettling vocals with vaudevillian flair announces the band as a dark, endlessly fascinating arrival.

Vocalist Katie Healy shares: "'It's The Squeeze' represents a pivotal point in my life, a time that began to suffocate my past relationship until I decided to accept the unknown instead of waging a war with it. I wrote the demo during lockdown. After feeling like I was suffering from writer's block, I decided to listen to a bit more electronic music, which led me to Kraftwerk's Trans-Europe Express and The Model. It only took about half an hour to write, but it sat in the bank for a couple of years. Finally, we played it as a full band, and from the first rehearsal, we knew it had to be our next single."

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