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On a cold and wet Sunday in the depths of Islington, four quiet figures entered Pink Floyd’s Britannia Row studios, and in so doing, changed the music world forever.


Ok some of that is made up.  I have no idea what the weather was like.  But it was October of 1982.  Thatcher was in.  Punk was dead, and Joy Division’s three remaining members had yet to make a real mark for New Order as a separate entity.  I’m sure it was as bleak as I imagine.


New Order had risen from the fallout of the death of Ian Curtis and tried to move on.  They didn’t play Joy Division songs anymore.  The past was the past.  Little did they know the impact that would have on the music world from here on.


New Order had made a trip to the US where they were exposed to New York’s burgeoning eclectic dance music scene.  Inspired, they returned to Manchester and opened the infamous Haçienda with Factory Records “owner” Tony Wilson.  A financial hole that would be attributed to the rise of acid house, raves and an explosion of dance music culture the world over.

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